where we: soak up santa pasta

santa pasta


for our monthly “we used to be roommates and we’re so sad we aren’t anymore!” date, my best gals and i checked out santa pasta, a new fast casual restaurant downtown. my coworker said good things about it and yelpers gave it two thumbs up, so we went for it.

tasty! cheap! unique! the former 1602 Gregson Avenue ladies also give it two thumbs up. i even wrote a review about it, whoop whoop!

since we love each other so much and see each other so little, my crew and i were there for a really, really long time. 2 hours in a place where most people spend maybe 15 minutes. the workers must’ve thought we were their no. 1 fans. and though we are fans, i dont know if i can say we are no. 1. maybe no. 337. but it all depends on how much passion other people have for the place.

if you too want to try out this new SLC spot, sign up for their email list and you can get a free meal!


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