When we got married last year, we decided to set some of our wedding gift money aside for buying fun stuff. You know, like a bike, some nicer shoes/clothes aaaand…a violin! I’d always wanted to learn to play the violin, but I kind of felt bad using a chunk of our money on something just for me. So in our first few months of marriage I wasn’t too proactive about looking for one.

But one day lil cute David came marching down the hall from work playing the violin that he had just gone out and bought me on his way home. I was in our bedroom and heard someone come in the door playing the violin and I figured out pretty quick what was goin on. Couldn’t believe that guy!

He even set up lessons for me from a girl he knew taught violin. So there I was, on my way, livin the dream.

Within a couple weeks I realized learning the violin is SO HARD. Like, so hard. Like, really really hard. I already play the piano and know music theory, but learning the technique of how to place your hands just right and pull the bow and get a good sound is anything but natural. I honestly don’t know how it could be natural to anyone.

I was determined to persevere, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t cry several times after leaving my lesson. Ha! I felt like such a baby. But since I hardly remember not being able to play the piano, I’d forgotten that it took years and YEARS of daily practice to get to the point I’m at today.

Now I’m at the point where playing the violin doesn’t sound like a dying cat, but I’ve had to learn some other things along the way that I thought I already knew, but I guess I learned them better. A musical journey for the soul!

1. Hard things are hard! (Duh) But make you feel so satisfied.
2. Gaining skills and talents takes dedication and a positive attitude — cool things you learn when something doesn’t just come naturally.
3. Learning new things as a kid is much easier. They don’t have the concept of time that adults do 😦 Buuuut…
4. As an adult, it’s important to never stop learning. Keeps you humble and growing.
5. I think everybody needs to do more reflection on life and see how far they’ve come. Every time I get annoyed at myself for not being able to pull the dang bow the right way, I go back through my book and easily play songs that seemed SO HARD a few months ago. Then I pat myself on the back.

That’s my words of wisdom for the day. Maybe you’ll see me and David playin our bluegrass on the streets of SLC soon enough.

Also, check out my friend Hanalei’s blog for my guest post today!


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