in the past couple of weeks..



























1. My sister-in-law Laura is leaving on a mission to Malaga, Spain! We bought matching shirts to commemorate. 2. David finished his mid-terms and all he wanted was Kroger instant chocolate pudding as a reward. We love all the same foods, but the Kroger instant pudding left us divided. Nothing to write home about, if you as me. 3. As of yesterday, David and I have been married for 7 months! Love is (still) in the air. 4. I’m converted to dying my hair at home, thanks to eSalon. Cheap and easy — and it’s still professional color.



  1. that’s it. i’m going for the at home color thanks to you and esalon! maybe not this week. but soon enough haha. happy 7 months, you two little love birds!

    • i really do recommend it! it’s free your first time…$19.99 every time after that. and you can talk to a consultant to make sure you get the right color and all. we can dye each other’s hairs! (til dec). haha. i asked david to do it and he just swirled my hair around for a few minutes and said it stressed him out and he “doesn’t understand the hair world.” how hard could it be, david?!

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