where: they wedded on a tuesday

my old roommate lauren got married on tuesday to our old ward friend kyle patton. they were friends for three years before they finally dated! lauren loved kyle all along, but he took awhile to come around. ah, love.


although i wasn’t crazy about the stress and pressure of planning my own wedding…when it comes to other people’s weddings — i can’t get enough! i love weddings. even stranger’s weddings. so i was extra happy when lauren asked me to help with hers. i made her wooden peg doll cake toppers and filmed her wedding video. i was so busy filming that i forgot to take pictures of my own! so most of these are stills from the video footage.


david and i didnt even get a picture together, and i didnt get a picture with all of the long lost friends we saw there. sad. but it was so good to see them all. weddings bring people together! and i loved filming the wedding so much, maybe i’ll have a new side job/hobby. i have a nice camera, but the filming skills are quite amateur at this point. still time to perfect my skills though.


it sure seemed like it took foreeeever for my turn to get married, but looking back on it, i had 5 close friends get married before me and (so far) five close friends get married after me. i was right smack dab in the middle. i guess it’s not so bad. only a couple friends left! good thing i have at least 3 more sisters’ weddings to help plan.


  1. so many happy faces! thanks for letting me hang as you got your b footage and i fully support this side career! i’ll be your second shooter. i always love making videos. let’s plan this new company via blog comments. that or in person so we can both play with morris the whole time. hooray for the happy pattons!

    • yeah we totally need to join forces! why didnt we think of this before. and i think planning in person would be most fun, although i bet we could have it planned via blog comments in no time. …maybe we should wait to see how this video actually turns out though. ha

  2. Sweet! great pictures too! I wish I could have been there for this, and for Natalies wedding! ya know, I was once a Gregson Girl too for a week! I feel bonded! (and wish I could hold that darling little Morris!!)

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