where: you see the patton’s wedding video

i finished them up! here’s the wedding video made for kyle and lauren’s wedding. there are some rough patches, but i learned a lot and loved the whole process of shooting, editing and setting it to music, so if anyone else needs a cheap amateur wedding videographer, im all for it.

youtube forced me to break up the video into 2 segments because it was too big of a file, so the first portion is the wedding day montage and the second portion is the wedding interviews with the guests.

david had lots of shots on that first one! he’s an expert at dancing and eating.


  1. yayayayyy!! top notch job, bkbk! those two really are just a beauty beautiful couple and your vid matched the happiness and magic from their day. i support you in your career and loved every second of both videos. glad you could catch me and tan running our mouths as usual.

  2. First of all, Brynne, you are such a faithful commenter…just like me I suppose! But then again, I’m her Mom. But yes, I agree, awesome job Brooke!! Great work!! Looks like it was a wonderful, beautiful day!! Loved getting to see it all through the video!

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