where: you meet the mouse doctor


yes, those tubs are all full of mice!

in preparation for applying to nutritional science master’s programs in december, david has been working in a medical research lab on campus. from the very beginning he’s told me so crazy tales of doing experiments on mice: cutting out their beating hearts, injecting them with fluids and measuring their blood pressure via their tails.

i don’t by any means like mice, but when i finally got to see the action firsthand on saturday, i felt sad for the little guys.

any time someone tells david he’s a meanie to those mice, he says, “tell me that again anytime you take advil or any medication tested on mice!” okay okay, it’s for a greater good. but i mean – just look at those pics!

but i really am impressed with his skills. lookin like a real deal doctor!…i just hope this isn’t top secret stuff i’m putting up on the internet.

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