where we: are mountain folk

david’s aunt and uncle live in driggs, idaho (just on the other side of the tetons from jackson hole, wyoming). we decided to join david’s parents on a mountain adventure there over labor day weekend. id never been to driggs or jackson hole, so it was all new territory.

on saturday, we hiked the tetons to a place called table rock, that overlooks the tetons from the west side. it was an 11-mile hike with an intense incline in the beginning, but it all paid off once we got to the top. good thing ive got david’s parents to provide me with hiking poles, cliff blocks, and all kinds of stuff i don’t know much about.

idaho 1


it was pretty magical all and all. we hiked through meadows, past waterfalls and near a itty bitty snow patch (in september!)

idaho 2

after about our 8th hour on the hike, we were pretty ready to be done. but what a lovely day out in the sun! and i got some horrendous tan lines to prove it. you’ll see that in the pictures to come…

idaho 3


the next day, we went over to check out jackson hole and grand teton national park. we rode 25 miles, which wasn’t too exhausting compared to the hike the day before, but it WAS a little comical for me to be on that rode bike at first. all kinds of gears and positioning and, once again, things i know nothing about. i was somewhat getting the hang of it by the end of the ride, though, and the scenery couldn’t be beat! we stopped at a lake to eat lunch halfway through, and then headed back into town.



check out those tan lines. great idea to wear capri-length leggings on the hike!


  1. I am still kinda mad that I wasn’t there with you to experience my summer child hood life but I’ll get over it. I’ve done that hike 3 times it is is SO EXHAUSTING, the last time we did it we hung around at the top too long and hiked a few miles in the dark! Also, wasn’t the teton pass scary to drive through?? It’s SO scary in the winter time. Tell David that one year I drove a truck full of Austin, Ivan & buddies half way thru the pass, and they hiked up some mountain and shredded down the other face of it! It was an awesome powder ride. I still can’t believe you’ve now been to all these places! And look at you biker girllllll!!! Next stop the Bates farm! XOXO

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