where: you see the fourth of july, continued


the magic continued on the fourth of july when we came home that night to have a BBQ with our ward friends the Swindles and Obas. We like them a lot. Since David spends so much time studying, we usually spend our limited hangout time with my old roommates or our family, but we love making new friends! i think we’ve really become the ward socialites lately, so we feel pretty cool. jk.

after the BBQ at the Swindles house, we went up to 11th Avenue park and watched the fireworks over the whole valley. David brought is banjo so we could still have some musical accompaniment to the fireworks. some all-american music, at that.

while we were at the park, a european man whom we overheard saying, “now what is independence day, exactly?” asked david to play the american national anthem on the banjo. that thing got a lot of attention! i think maybe he should give up school and start a music career.

where: we have a truly american fourth of july


we spent our fourth of july in the magical land of huntsville, ut, where david’s family has a “cabin” a.k.a nice house in the wild west. we invited about 12 people to come with us and they all backed out or had other plans, but we wouldn’t let that stop the fun! we like each other best anyways! pshh. so we decided to make it our “11 month anniversary” trip. ha

since we were itching for a campout and the cabin was packed with family anyway, we decided to take our sleeping bags out to the “family campground” in the back of the property, which is really the epitome of glamping (glamorous camping). We had a wood pile all ready for us, a fire pit, freshly-cut grass and just a few minutes walk up to the bathrooms in the house. Nature at it’s finest.


when we arrived on wednesday night before the fourth of july, we “set up camp” for a little bit, visited the new baby horse named scout, took pictures and wandered the property. magical! all pure magic.


then when it got dark we made the best smores you’ll ever have: trader joe’s dark chocolate sea salt bar, trader joe’s homestyle cinnamon graham crackers and good ol’ fashion marshmallows. that’s the recipe to perfection. they were so good, david ate about 10. i had 2 and felt sick, because i’d already eat some of the chocolate bar and grahams on the way the drive up. couldn’t resist.


thursday morning we went with the family to the fourth of july hometown parade. full of kids squirting us with water guns and throwing saltwater taffy at our faces as the drove by in their cars. but there were goats! so i liked that.


next we headed up to causey reservoir, where david was pumped to jump off cliffs and row around in our canoe. too bad we couldn’t figure out how to blow up the canoe (david said it was missing a part). and when some guy got knocked unconscious and had to had an ambulance come to the lake, i was feelin pretty nervous about all that cliff jumping.

but it was a beautiful place with perfect water temps, so we swam around. (a rare occurrence for me!) and then picnicked on more trader joe’s goodies: whole wheat bread, natural PB and fig butter. so good!

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 12.47.47 PM

david thought it was funny when i told him the fourth of july is one of my top favorite holidays, right after thanksgiving. okay i like christmas too of course, but everybody likes that. but every year i stand by my statement: the fourth of july is the beeeest!

where: you meet the mouse doctor


yes, those tubs are all full of mice!

in preparation for applying to nutritional science master’s programs in december, david has been working in a medical research lab on campus. from the very beginning he’s told me so crazy tales of doing experiments on mice: cutting out their beating hearts, injecting them with fluids and measuring their blood pressure via their tails.

i don’t by any means like mice, but when i finally got to see the action firsthand on saturday, i felt sad for the little guys.

any time someone tells david he’s a meanie to those mice, he says, “tell me that again anytime you take advil or any medication tested on mice!” okay okay, it’s for a greater good. but i mean – just look at those pics!

but i really am impressed with his skills. lookin like a real deal doctor!…i just hope this isn’t top secret stuff i’m putting up on the internet.

where: we climb rock canyon


hanalei and austin were in town from SF this weekend and we didnt know if we’d get to see each other, but we switched around our schedule to meet up with them to go climbing in provo on saturday night. we’ve been climbing with them in the winter at the quarry climbing gym, and ever since then we’ve been talking about outdoor climbing together…but then they moved away! all of our climbing friends moved out of state and we never reached our full climbing potential!


but the genes hooked us up with all the gear we needed. david loves climbing up random rock formations everywhere we go, so naturally he loved it. and im not too afraid of heights so i did pretty good, as long as i didn’t psych myself out for TOO long by thinking, “seriously, THERE IS NOOOO WHERE TO PUT MY FOOT right now!!” luckily austin was a patient, good teacher.


now that our other climber friends tanner and brynne are living in SLC again, we’re ready for another trip! what do you say brynne? i think baby morris is ready.


where: you see the patton’s wedding video

i finished them up! here’s the wedding video made for kyle and lauren’s wedding. there are some rough patches, but i learned a lot and loved the whole process of shooting, editing and setting it to music, so if anyone else needs a cheap amateur wedding videographer, im all for it.

youtube forced me to break up the video into 2 segments because it was too big of a file, so the first portion is the wedding day montage and the second portion is the wedding interviews with the guests.

david had lots of shots on that first one! he’s an expert at dancing and eating.

where: the bonins move to town


sadly we had work and school all day when my sister kelli and her husband andrew moved into their new apartment downtown, but we did get their just in time for the real action: using a pulley system to bring a couch up six stories, over the balcony and through the sliding glass doors.

the couch wouldn’t fit through the front door, so this was the wild and crazy plan that andrew and his friend came up with. i thought it was funny that we had three of the most slim and slender gents trying to pull this thing up 6 stories…but they did it! they really did it! …but only after a half-way break for a waffle dinner provided by moi. so i’d like to think i was the biggest help in the whole affair.

we are glad to have the bonins move to our side of town from provo. they live one block away! and now we can make a better argument to have more of the family parties in SLC. yay for saving gas money!

where: they wedded on a tuesday

my old roommate lauren got married on tuesday to our old ward friend kyle patton. they were friends for three years before they finally dated! lauren loved kyle all along, but he took awhile to come around. ah, love.


although i wasn’t crazy about the stress and pressure of planning my own wedding…when it comes to other people’s weddings — i can’t get enough! i love weddings. even stranger’s weddings. so i was extra happy when lauren asked me to help with hers. i made her wooden peg doll cake toppers and filmed her wedding video. i was so busy filming that i forgot to take pictures of my own! so most of these are stills from the video footage.


david and i didnt even get a picture together, and i didnt get a picture with all of the long lost friends we saw there. sad. but it was so good to see them all. weddings bring people together! and i loved filming the wedding so much, maybe i’ll have a new side job/hobby. i have a nice camera, but the filming skills are quite amateur at this point. still time to perfect my skills though.


it sure seemed like it took foreeeever for my turn to get married, but looking back on it, i had 5 close friends get married before me and (so far) five close friends get married after me. i was right smack dab in the middle. i guess it’s not so bad. only a couple friends left! good thing i have at least 3 more sisters’ weddings to help plan.

look at the place i work

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 3.45.40 PM

Just wanted to show off Friendemic’s new website, because I wrote all of the copy for it and I think the photography and design looks pretty darn cool.

If you’d told me two and a half years ago I’d soon be working at a super cool agency with super cool people and be the boss woman and all that, I’d never believe my ears! Not when I was dreading going to work every day, not when the minutes passed as slowly as….something really slow, and as painfully as…something that’s really painful. (Can’t think of any simiies at the moment)

Life as a “content manager” a.k.a. sad little data entry person was no way to live. Looking back on it, I don’t know why I put up with it or even accepted the job in the first place…in the height of the recession I think I was just forced to believe I didn’t really have any other options. But now here I am. Haven’t dreaded a day of work since 2010.

Oh, life. What an exciting treat.

where: we get antsy for summer

it’s happened about three times and we should definitely know better by now, but when warm weather rolls around it makes perfect sense in my mind to get a-hikin in the mountains. but it turns out the snow takes a looong time to melt. so i get excited, pick a hike, we get there and realize it will be a tedious trip in the hard-packed snow. it really probably won’t be nice and dry in the higher areas of the canyons until july. mental note for 2014!

on monday we were going to hike mt. olympus, but then woke up late. then we wanted to do a hike to three lakes called mary, martha catherine. but we got up near brighton ski resort and realized that hike was a no-go. so we improvised and picked a random hike on our way back down big cottonwood canyon, ending up on a 7-mile trail run/hike to desolation lake. it’s nice to get out and exercise in different settings.


the trail was mostly snow-free. hooray!


but then we came upon the snow.


but why can’t we swim??


oh, that’s why. maybe we’ll come back in the summer and break the no-swim rule. (even though i don’t like getting wet.)

it was an oh-so-lovely day that even ended with a super fancy car wash that the owner gave us for FREE for no reason! if he only knew how much it made the super-tight-budgeting newlyweds’ day.

and yes, it was real tough to go back to work on tuesday :-/. thanks for the memories, memorial day!

where: such happy things happened

this weekend was action-packed with happy, life-altering events!

most of them happened to other people, but they are all my closest friends so it’s as good as if it happened to me. almost.

first off, i got a text saturday morning from brynne saying that baby morris frei had decided to come on down from heaven. so we headed straight over and visited at the hospital for almost 2 hours! what a sweet sweetie. we got some good newborn-holding practice.
















and now for the real parents! so glad they moved back to SLC just in time for this baby action.


after losing track of time at the hospital, we made a mad dash for the temple where natalie and greg were getting married. it warms my heart to see my best friends getting married – almost as good as getting married myself! not quite. but almost. i can stop trying to rack my brain about who i can set my single friends up with now. and we have more married friends to hang out with (who aren’t always busy planning a wedding!).


i looove weddings for the gathering of people and the tasty treats and the wedding cake and the dance floor. natalie’s wedding had all of it — plus some amazing views from the 10th floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial building!



Natalie has so many great friends that got married before we even got to know each other, so it was fun to see all of them and their pregnant bellies too.


and to see our long-lost friends dantzel and oliver! (they just moved to the far away land of monticello.)