where: it’s next stop, oregon coast

after exploring portland for the day, we headed for the coast and spend three nights camping in different places every night as we made our way south. this was my favorite part of the trip. no cities, no schedules — just relaxation, my main man and mother nature.

coast 1


we found insanely huge, mossy trees, and tasted amazing ice cream at the tillamook factory. i dont even love tillamook ice cream (ive only ever had it from the carton) – but when it’s fresh from the source, it’s pretty great! yes, this was about our 7th ice cream moment on the trip. we didn’t eat ice cream for awhile after we got home.

coast 2

outside of lincoln city, oregon, we took a hike to a waterfall call drift creek falls. it was a pretty magical moment – mossy greenery all around, an overcast sky that provided perfect temperatures, and beautiful views from the waterfall. we felt like we were back in kauai on our honeymoon. it was amaaazing!


on our final night on the coast we camped at sunset beach in coos bay, oregon. since the place is known for it’s crazy huge sand dunes, we tried to get out there and walk to the top of one, but we ended up running away in fear of getting trampled by a drunkard on an ATV. there are lots of those out there. in the end, we stumbled upon a beach and soaked in the views as we said goodbye to the coast.


where: you see the patton’s wedding video

i finished them up! here’s the wedding video made for kyle and lauren’s wedding. there are some rough patches, but i learned a lot and loved the whole process of shooting, editing and setting it to music, so if anyone else needs a cheap amateur wedding videographer, im all for it.

youtube forced me to break up the video into 2 segments because it was too big of a file, so the first portion is the wedding day montage and the second portion is the wedding interviews with the guests.

david had lots of shots on that first one! he’s an expert at dancing and eating.

look at the place i work

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 3.45.40 PM

Just wanted to show off Friendemic’s new website, because I wrote all of the copy for it and I think the photography and design looks pretty darn cool.

If you’d told me two and a half years ago I’d soon be working at a super cool agency with super cool people and be the boss woman and all that, I’d never believe my ears! Not when I was dreading going to work every day, not when the minutes passed as slowly as….something really slow, and as painfully as…something that’s really painful. (Can’t think of any simiies at the moment)

Life as a “content manager” a.k.a. sad little data entry person was no way to live. Looking back on it, I don’t know why I put up with it or even accepted the job in the first place…in the height of the recession I think I was just forced to believe I didn’t really have any other options. But now here I am. Haven’t dreaded a day of work since 2010.

Oh, life. What an exciting treat.