where: it’s next stop, portland

chris and tessa headed back to their lil babies after our days in seattle, so after dropping them off at the airport, we headed straight to portland. the linford’s flight was at 6 am, so we got to portland just in time for breakfast. we went to tasty n sons, and the place didn’t disappoint.


i had the homemade biscuit sandwich with cheddar and fried chicken. i never even eat fried chicken, but this thing was daaang good! we also ordered french toast with berries, smoky glazed sweet potatoes and a homemade chocolate donut. portland knows how to do breakfast.



portland also knows how to do ice cream. we tried salt & straw ice cream at the recommendation of lots of friends, and it held up to its reputation. i had strawberry balsamic ice cream with black pepper and olive oil ice cream. david had melon prosciutto and pear with blue cheese. whaaaa?? crazy flavors. but they manage to pull it off without tasting as crazy as it sounds. please click the link to be entertained by their menu.

we also went to ken’s artisan pizza and the good food luck kept flowin.

believe it or not, we packed in all that food and more into one day. we also napped in a park. because we’d gotten up at 5 am and we were tired and it was vacation! we can do what we want.

portland 1


then we went to the coast to check out indian and cannon beach. magical!


where we: celebrated one year

seattle 1

once upon a time david and i celebrated our one-year anniversary (and david’s only break from school, and the end of summer) with a trip to the northwest.

we thought about going to europe, in our original plan, but tickets never seemed to be less than $1,800 for anywhere on that continent, so we decided to explore our own country’s backyard. our first stop was seattle, followed by portland, a jaunt down the oregon coast and then a night of camping at crater lake.

our friends chris and tessa linford joined us for the seattle portion, and we had a grand ol’ time.

seattle 2

i’d never been to seattle, so we visited all of the typical sites: safeco field for a mariners game, food tasting at public market, seafood on the pier, the gum wall and the seattle art museum. at the art museum, we found some art that (coincidentally) resembled utah.

seattle 3

i thought salt lake city has a cool library – but seattle’s library blew it out of the water! the architecture, interior decor and general vibe was pretty great. and there weren’t homeless people all over the place.

we explored and took pictures, but if we ever moved to seattle, id be reading books there every week.

seattle 4


everywhere we went in seattle, there was water, water, all around. we visited the pier, green lake park (where we rented a paddle boat), gas works park and took a ferry to bainbridge island.

seattle is much bigger and a little dirtier than i imagined – it reminded me of san francisco with the water, seafood, islands, etc. i dont know if it’s my next dream homeland but id loved visiting and seein what the place had to offer. and compared to SLC, it was sooo breeeezy and pleasant!

stay tuned for posts on our other trip adventures.