a newlywed (mini!) home

We may have more cold water than hot, our radiator may sound like a constantly flushing toilet and our closet space may be next to none, but we sure do love our lil one-bedroom apartment in Downtown SLC.

David doesn’t like spending money, and he’s pretty darn good at executing all of my Pinterest dreams. And I pride myself in finding thrify decor treasures, so literally everything in our house is either purchased from KSL, D.I., homemade by David, or a wedding gift.

Here’s our home! All 500 square feet of it.
















LEFT: David built that computer desk, inspired by one I saw at Anthropologie for mucho moolah. RIGHT: the painting and bar cart are from D.I., the hanging lamp is from Ikea, the side table and lamp are from Target (bought them with wedding gift cards).



David’s study desk has a lovely view of busy city street below. Another piece of furniture the handyman made himself. The chair was a gem I found at D.I. Same with the rolling shelves under the desk.


We were pretty set on getting this cream couch from Macy’s, but just couldn’t justify buying such a light-colored couch we knew would be trouble when we have kids. So until we decided on another option, we got this “temporary couch” on KSL for $100 — and have decided to stick with it!


Because our apartment has about 3 square feet of counter space, David saved the day and built this awesome wooden counter top/shelving/storage space. Wish I’d captured it better — we store all of our serving platters and kitchen appliances in the shelves below. David also made that lamp, inspired by one I saw on Pinterest. I showed it to him and within about an hour we made a trip to Lowes, purchased balsa wood and an antique light bulb, and David had completed the lamp. Dream man!


The sunny two-seater kitchen table corner. And flowers! David always brings me flowers. Presh.


RIGHT: Again, we have VERY little space in our apartment. Couldn’t even fit your average pot rack in this nook. So I was really proud of myself when I thought of this DIY project: metal chain and shower curtain hooks = pot hanger. LEFT: When we got engaged, I told David one of the most exciting things about getting married would be to finally organize my entire kitchen with glass jars, ha. It’s as good as I imagined it would be. So satisfying.


David also built our headboard! Isn’t it ah-mazing? I tried to help, but mostly watched and brought him ice cream while on the job.