where we: once were born

as i said in the last post, david and i have birthday’s just 2 days apart, so we get an action-packed three days of celebrations every year as we celebrate his birthday on may 10th, have a co-bday celebration on the 11th and celebrate my birthday on it’s own on the 12th. and this year my birthday fell on mother’s day! i’m not mad. happy to share the day with the lovely shelley brown.


david planned a picnic for sunday afternoon, so we packed up super tasty gourmet things like pugliese bread, brie, raspberries, cherry preserves, pesto, apples and sharp cheddar. yep, high class. then he took to me to a secret not-so-secret spot in the hills of the upper avenues where we live. magical! he knows my taste.



we spent a good couple hours there, laying in the shade of a blossoming tree, soaking up the sun and taking bad self-timer pictures, opening presents, and trying to decide if pesto + sharp cheddar on apples was the best combo, or if it was raspberries + brie on bread. or if it was actually just bread with fancy cherry jam. after trying each combo about 5 times, we were too full to remember.




where we: have a chilly pizza picnic

DSC_7131 copy

Brynne and Tanner came to town last weekend, and we consider ourselves lucky to have spend approximately 93 minutes with them!

The Freis came to town to see their new nephew Jack, but they squeezed in a dinner time with us, so we picked up the Friday special pizza at Whole Foods, went to Memory Grove for a picnic and then had to get outta there before it got unbearably cold. But we’ll take what we can get with our L.A. friends!

Sadly, our husbands hardly know each other, but we’re pumped for them to move back this summer and we can be married couple BFFs AND become the favorite friends of newborn baby Frei.