where we: say, “fare thee well!”

Sister Laura is off! This past weekend we drove up to Sun Valley to say our final goodbyes to David’s sister Laura before she left on her mission to Malaga, Spain. On Saturday we went as a Kunz fam (minus Michael!) to have lunch at Galena Lodge. We at super fancy grilled cheese and veggie burgers on picnic tables out in the snow, since it was such a sunshiney warm(ish) day.


Yep, me and mom-in-law have matching coats. Thanks to her! In Sun Valley we only wear Patagonia.






Then on Sunday, Laura spoke in church and we had an open house lunch for family and friends to say goodbye. David and I left to head back home soon after, so this was it. Goodbyyyyye Laura! She should be landing in Spain in just a few hours now!