where we: end wedding season


we’ve been to a whole lot of weddings this summer — but on friday we went to the last one on our calendar! i was sad because i looove weddings, and david was sad because he likes the free meal and tasty treats, ha.

the wedding on friday was of my friend jelissa. they had their reception at log haven restaurant up milcreek canyon and it was so very magical. i loved this venue and thought it would be a great spot for a wedding redo — even though i loved where we had ours, i always think about what dress i would wear if we could relive our wedding day, what flowers i would want, etc.


i also love weddings cause you get to see so many friends all together in one spot — a rare occurrence these days, with friends moving here and there and always being busy. at this wedding we got some quality time with the freis and baby morris. he’s the cutest, even though he doesn’t give me enough eye contact to make me feel like we’re having quality time. he’s a little over a month old, so i’ll give him a break. by 2 months i hope he’s gotten that mastered.


david’s still learning what to do with babies.


but he always knows what to do with a super fancy buffet table. seconds and thirds, please.


so i forgot to get a shot of the bride and groom, whoops. they were in high demand all night. but congrats, jelissa and kevin!

where: they wedded on a tuesday

my old roommate lauren got married on tuesday to our old ward friend kyle patton. they were friends for three years before they finally dated! lauren loved kyle all along, but he took awhile to come around. ah, love.


although i wasn’t crazy about the stress and pressure of planning my own wedding…when it comes to other people’s weddings — i can’t get enough! i love weddings. even stranger’s weddings. so i was extra happy when lauren asked me to help with hers. i made her wooden peg doll cake toppers and filmed her wedding video. i was so busy filming that i forgot to take pictures of my own! so most of these are stills from the video footage.


david and i didnt even get a picture together, and i didnt get a picture with all of the long lost friends we saw there. sad. but it was so good to see them all. weddings bring people together! and i loved filming the wedding so much, maybe i’ll have a new side job/hobby. i have a nice camera, but the filming skills are quite amateur at this point. still time to perfect my skills though.


it sure seemed like it took foreeeever for my turn to get married, but looking back on it, i had 5 close friends get married before me and (so far) five close friends get married after me. i was right smack dab in the middle. i guess it’s not so bad. only a couple friends left! good thing i have at least 3 more sisters’ weddings to help plan.

where: such happy things happened

this weekend was action-packed with happy, life-altering events!

most of them happened to other people, but they are all my closest friends so it’s as good as if it happened to me. almost.

first off, i got a text saturday morning from brynne saying that baby morris frei had decided to come on down from heaven. so we headed straight over and visited at the hospital for almost 2 hours! what a sweet sweetie. we got some good newborn-holding practice.
















and now for the real parents! so glad they moved back to SLC just in time for this baby action.


after losing track of time at the hospital, we made a mad dash for the temple where natalie and greg were getting married. it warms my heart to see my best friends getting married – almost as good as getting married myself! not quite. but almost. i can stop trying to rack my brain about who i can set my single friends up with now. and we have more married friends to hang out with (who aren’t always busy planning a wedding!).


i looove weddings for the gathering of people and the tasty treats and the wedding cake and the dance floor. natalie’s wedding had all of it — plus some amazing views from the 10th floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial building!



Natalie has so many great friends that got married before we even got to know each other, so it was fun to see all of them and their pregnant bellies too.


and to see our long-lost friends dantzel and oliver! (they just moved to the far away land of monticello.)