where: we see les mis with our favorite friend

on saturday we got a last-minute call from our friends the jensens asking if we wanted to take their son matt to see les mis at the pioneer theater that night.

they had come down sick and needed someone to take matt (and their $50-per-seat tickets) off their hands. nooo prob! we love hanging out with matt and he is the number one fan of les mis, so we were excited to go.


matt knows every word to every song and was telling us more about the characters than we even knew — it was david’s first time seeing it, though he did see the movie at christmas. we were a little surprise matt resisted the urge to sing along to every song, but he did poke us on the arm every few minutes to make sure we were as excited as he was anytime marius was on stage.

on the walk to the car we belted out “do you hear the people sing?” so well that matt said we should both try out for the play ourselves. he does good things for our egos.